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Ready, Set, Go... The Digital, Creative Revolution: Launch of Do-At-Home Programs

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” is really something when designing solutions during an pandemic. Creativity allows us to think outside the box, adapt and flex new muscles to survive. Thus, cue creation of our new online tools library and digital build programs!

Digital Classes + Do-At-Home Builds with Tools

We’ve had to completely change our pre-existing coaching game from in-person, hands-on and building in groups to an at-home, digitally-coached curriculum. This has required a complete re-start with our website platform to allow for scheduling and back-end information gathering. It's required a deep inventory clean and disinfect, plus labeling and inventorying all materials to prepare for drop-off/pick-up and a virtually-run program. We've even created our first Tiny Lending Library with a code locked door for no-contact exchanges.

The Real World Meets Digital

There’s something special about having the power to adapt. It's freeing from worry when you know. Luke 12:48, Voltaire and Spider-Man all taught us how having "great power comes great responsibility". Sharing knowledge solutions for self-sufficiency and life sustainability is a key shared human resource.

Being flexible and brave enough to try something new within proper boundaries is pivotal to surviving trying times. Diversity of skills (digital + life) to allow for functional operation in the real world (Can we survive locally? Grow our own food? Print our own solutions?) and digital is now a new connecting necessity. It’s fascinating to see technology step up to solve problems - 3D printers being used to create ventilator parts and sewing machines for masks. Creative problem solving and building local solutions is a big part of our sustainable future. Makers everywhere are stepping up to get to the fixing, it's inspiring!

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