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Tool Library to the Rescue! Home-Digital Classes are a Go!

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

There’s no doubt, tools help us do work faster and are just way more enjoyable to use. Using tools saves time and effort and allows us humans to function more efficiently.

For our K+ students, we start our building classes doing a quick life-skill visual. After having a big chat about tools to understand their existence and how technology plays its part, we talk about what “tools” we want in our life “tool belt/box”. Using the swiss-army-knife analogy for having multiple tools to combat the scenario all in one place. It’s a big life skills talk and we’re thrilled to be able to coach new skills through building projects.

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Work Smarter, Make Better

Having sewing tools, growing and building tools are instrumental to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs - we need food and shelter to survive which includes clothes to stay warm. To not have to worry about food, shelter, warmth or water is huge life-skill knowledge win. We explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art-Agriculture-Architecture, Math) concepts through our online-at-home curriculum programs for Bricks4Kidz and Woodworking.

Tool Library for At-Home Building Adventures

With a tool library to offer at-home materials, our little creators are off on a digitally-coached, semi-parental guidance needed at-home building adventure. We’re thrilled to finally launch a home-digital service and excited to share our programs for parents and kids at home in our local Redmond Kirkland and Bellevue area residents. We’re partnering with parents in the community for our next neighborhood #makerspace build and assisting at-home gardens, forts and clubhouses into creation.

Sign-up for At-Home Projects

From material management to project management and project completion, we’re building and creating while learning along the way! Join in on the at-home project fun! Sign up for classes here.

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