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"The kids (8, 6) loved Brickz4Kids summer camp. I asked my son (6) if he wanted to go back, and he said he wanted to go back for 1,000 days. The lego building was great - they learned simple machines and the difference between building and creating. The zip line (LEGO) was a big hit. But they also really enjoyed the other aspects of camp. They planted forget-me-not flowers. They played by the creek. A well-rounded program."

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My daughter (8) liked the non-lego parts of camp just as much as the lego parts. She loved being in the outdoors. She loved taking care of the plants.


My son loved each moment at camp! I will be thrilled to send him again next year based on the great experience he had! He loved that he could work at his ability level and be challenged along the way!


My kids loved the camp! The were able to be creative and successful at their own levels and enjoyed learning new skills.


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