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Mentor Coaches

At, we coach students versus lecture-teach model. This technique allows for each child to be on their own path of growth and development - we aren't competing against each other.  We help students strengthen their confidence and abilities through newfound tools, skills, project completion and positive coaching. Each is on their own growing journey to be the best they can be and we absolutely love to help empower and enrich.


Positive Results + Growth Mindset

At, we teach students to work smarter, not harder and introduce many tools to help pave that way. With our supportive coaches and innovative teaching techniques, we strive to make the subject matter "easier to absorb" with interesting learning materials and positive reinforcement. This helps students strengthen their science and engineering foundations and build-improve their skills in a fun way.


Trusted Teaching Methods

Our proven methodologies and teaching techniques at Dilettante Extraordinaire are guaranteed to build confidence in all students, no matter their starting point. There are no tricks or shortcuts - just tried and true, loving and caring strategies to help build children's confidence and skills. There's nothing more enjoyable for us than watching our students build-thrive with their very own custom creations.


Program Information

Personalized Project Guidance Every Step of the Way


Bricks4Kidz - LEGO® Brick Building

Bricks4Kidz® offers exciting, hands-on programs where kids ages 3-13+ can learn, build and play with LEGO® Bricks. Our specially designed project kits and theme-based models provide the building blocks for the Bricks4Kidz approach to educational play. Offering after-school programs, pre-school classes, summer camps, kidz’ night out, birthday parties and in-school workshops.


This program allows kids to explore their building creativity and enrich their skills through wood design. Kids will learn about the difference in wood type and available tools for morphing wood pieces - Pine and Cedar, sometimes Fir - into their own grand designs. From bird houses to benches and boxes, lemonade stands and forts and garden beds + more, we help kids bring their imagination to life while learning about the materials, tools and gaining life skills along the way.


Individual Coaching

Sometimes we need a little extra practice, time and coaches support. We're providing 1:1 project management mentoring. This is a dedicated coaching service for kids and focuses on the skills they are wanting to sharpen or projects they want to make. This could be access to specialized LEGO® movie animation projects and materials and access to the tool library to create something fantastic. The Lending Library and Open Mentor Hours were created just for this type of community making fun.

Specialized Projects

We're building fun one-off, custom projects and enriching along the way. Integrated, learn-make projects where custom materials and consulting with creativity bring imagination and functional things to life. Create a backyard garden, fort or treehouse! Maybe it's a tiny learning shed or neighborhood maker space on wheels! We're building together and for all ages.


About Our Coaches

All our coaches are vaccinated, first-aid + cpr trained and certified child care teachers.  Our coaches take extreme caution and follow proper protocol in our outdoor + bus maker space. Being outdoors is a massive opportunity to partner with Science daily.

Kids Quest Museum EarthTable
Kids Quest Museum EarthTable

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Woodworking Class
Woodworking Class

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UW Womens Stem Workshop
UW Womens Stem Workshop

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Kids Quest Museum EarthTable
Kids Quest Museum EarthTable

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A part-time builder in real life, Jennie practices project management skills combined with creativity and imagination to conduct classes in a fun and adventurous way. She believes learning should be custom to each child's needs and nurtured appropriately. Learning should also be play-based fun that everyone enjoys with hand's-on interactions and life-skill integrations, presented in a stacked value kind of way. Her favorite is when a student hits a passion nerve and she gets to watch the art and joy come to life.

 Coach Jennie


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