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Let's Make Stuff + Have Fun + Enrich Lives

Thank you for your interest in working with us! Whether is it in volunteering, teaching or playing capacity, we are thrilled to join passion forces with you. 


At our host hobby farm, we are grateful for the maker space opportunity to create. With repurposed materials and tools + mentors available, we are able to execute our dreams and bring our passions alive. 

Here's what is project home brewing!


Jr. Robotics Enrichment

We offer robotic programs utilizing Bricks4Kidz programs and LEGO tools starting with Duplo and our ABC's to out of this world space machines like orbiters and satellites and rockets utilizing motors and only sustainable and rechargeable batteries. Join our Maker Space Mentor Team!


Hobby Craft Play

Love to make stuff? Grow flowers? Build art out of repurposed things? Interested in learning how to repair items? Hobby-based enthusiasts please do apply! Project-based artists for classes and growth opportunities. 


Hobby Homestead Support

Help us in maintaining this beautiful space we share! From garden growth to invasive removals and care of the Cobbage space support, our team nurtures the grounds all year round, which requires ongoing maintenance and care.  Join us 

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